Leap (graduation film)

"During a walk in the forest, a worried girl takes in her surroundings and uses her imagination to find inner peace."

'Leap' is a 2D animated short film and my final project as an Animation student at HKU, University of the Arts, Utrecht (2020/2021). 

Direction, production, animation and editing by Janneke As. 

Music by Stijn van Wakeren.

Leap had its premiere at the Kaboom animation festival 2021,
in the category Dutch shorts.

Leap was also shown at Cinekid festival 2021 and at JEF festival 2022.

 ✨ risoprints 

Two risograph prints I made during the film's production.


Even before coming up with the concept for Leap, I knew I wanted to make a film focused on atmosphere .
I wanted to really immerse the viewer in the world and feelings of the main character.
To achieve that, I made sure to use fitting colors, sounds and imagery. 

The goal was to combine an everyday setting with fantasy elements, to create both relatability and a dreamy feel.

Because I love to work both digitally and traditionally, I wanted to incorporate both in the process.
The traditional paint/ink textures also helped adding more depth to my digital work.

The image of a small girl jumping over leafs was an idea I came up with while thinking of different concepts, and it eventually became the base for the whole film. 

The first sketches and thumbnails.

Concept art including selfmade textures and photographes.

For the sky I made traditional watercolor/ink washes first, scanned them in and digitally edited them into clouds.