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Hello and welcome!

My name is Janneke As, a 2D Animator and Illustrator from the Netherlands.
In the beginning of 2021 I graduated from HKU, University of the Arts Utrecht in Animation, with a Bachelor of Design.
I love making cute and colorful character-focused work, either animated or illustrated, digital or traditional!

I am currently looking for work as a 2D character animator or clean-up artist, but feel free to contact me about any position or project where my work could add value!

My dream is to combine working in a studio with amazing creatives and creating and selling my own work and products online.

The software I'm currently used to working with are:
Tvpaint Animation - Premiere - Photoshop - After Effects
...and I would love to learn more!

Contact info:

Work experience

september 2021 - january 2022:

Studio: Submarine Amsterdam
Position: 2D Animator on 'A Dream of a Thousand Cats', episode from 'The Sandman' on Netflix

january 2021 - may 2021:

Downhill (thesis film) by Sydney Cooper
Position: 2D Animation Clean-up & Coloring Assistant

september 2018 - january 2019, july - august 2019:

Studio: Mooves Amsterdam
Position: 2D Animation Intern & Animation Assistant for Camouflage
(character animation, inbetweens, character design)


- 2021

HKU University of the Arts, Utrecht
2D Animation - Bachelor of Design

Festivals & Awards

Leap (graduation short film)

2022: JEF festival: selected

2021: Cinekid festival, Competitie Beste Nederlandse Korte Animatie: selected

2021: Kaboom Animation festival, Dutch shorts: selected

Reach (short film)

2017: Ireland's Young Filmmaker Awards (freshfilmfestival):
Award: Animation Award for Best International Film

2016: Camera Zizanio filmfestival (Pyrgos, Greece): selected

2016: Nationaal filmfestival voor scholieren (NFFS):
Award: first prize in category "Animatie bovenbouw"