animation projects

Animated films and projects I created and/or worked on the past couple of years.


My graduation film at HKU, University of the Arts,
Utrecht (2020/2021).

The full film is not yet available online.
To see more, check out the Leap (graduation film) page.

Bevrijdingsfestival Utrecht 2019

Two animated promotion videos for the annual 'bevrijdingsfestival' in Utrecht, the Netherlands (2019 edition).
Made in collaboration with former HKU classmates Nahuel Garcia, Nick Rutten, Alex van der Aa and Damiët Anijs.
I helped working on the concept ideas and 2D character animation.

Letters proeven - Wat staat daer?

A Dutch animated and informational video about deciphering old handwritings (for
A project by former HKU classmates Wan Qing Wang and Charlotte Lemmers, where I worked as a character design and animation assistant.

Picnic Playtime music video

‘A girl is desperately trying to make it in time for a picnic with her bunny friend. Will she make it in time? Will their friendship last?’

A very cute music video of the song ‘Picnic Playtime’ from the album
Fun Activities by Stijn van Wakeren.

I worked on the character animation, compositing and video editing.

Direction by Stijn van Wakeren.
Background art & painting by Andie Gallo.
Album cover & design by Mag Hokkyoku.


A story about a woman getting overwhelmed by the busyness of daily life, until she finds an elevator bringing her to somewhere unexpected.

Second year film I made at the HKU University of the Arts, Utrecht (2018).

Sound Design by Yorick Sedee & Loran Keuning.
Music: Swept – Unfolding


A stopmotion video made with ecoline ink between glass.

2 voor 12

An animation I made for a Dutch quiz show called '2 voor 12' (NPO 2).
The episode aired on the 23th of March, 2018.


Radioactive Music Video

A motion graphics project/music video I made in 2017 about the song 'Radioactive' by Imagine Dragons.

Rainy Days

A story about a lazy cat who gets awakened by an unexpected visitor...

First year film I made at the HKU University of the Arts, Utrecht (2017).
Music by Musicworks V.C Productions.


My first animated film, made back in 2015/2016 when I had no idea how to animate, but I did know I wanted to tell this story.

With Reach, I managed to:

- Win first prize at "Nationaal Film Festival voor Scholieren"(NFFS),
(category Animation-Highschool).

- Get interviewed by a local newspaper
(de Gelderlander, issue: september 21, 2016).

- Participate in the Camera Zizanio filmfestival in Pyrgos, Greece, 2016.

- Win an Animation Award for Best International Film
at the Ireland's Young Filmmaker Awards (freshfilmfestival), 2017

Camera Zizanio festival, 2016